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Travelling While Pregnant ~ Some Random Thoughts

The past couple of weeks I have not been travelling/flying as much as I normally do for my J.O.B. and this has left me with time to think about things…. among them… Flying and travelling LOL.  Every time I fly I see at least one pregant woman. Usually I see a few but certainly I see at least one. Three thoughts always cross my mind….

One… Does her midwife (or doctor) know she’s travelling while pregnant? Its  not that they have to know but personally I always wanted to know if my patients were travelling. I wanted to know when, where, how, for how long and sometimes I even wanted to know why. I wanted to know so I could provide extra education about things to consider while travelling. I wanted to know so I could counsel them and encourage them to wait if they could. I wanted to know so I would make sure to pay special attention at their next appointment or so I would be sure to follow up extra special if they missed that appointment. And well… Sometimes I just wanted to know cause I was nosy. Not in an intrusive way but in an I’m your midwife, we have a special relationship and I just wanna know what your up to sort of way *_* LOL

Two… I wonder if she has her prenatal records with her. When I knew a patient was travelling away, even it were just for a day I would give her a copy of her records. This would ensure… should something happen while she was away, she would be treated better…. treated with respect.  You may  be wondering what I mean by that.  Here’s the deal:  if you are out of town, and you show up to the local hospital travelling while pregnant with a problem and no prenatal records… Let me just say it doesn’t make the hospital staff happy. Some will wonder if you “REALLY” have had prenatal care. Some nurses believe, no matter the reason, you should NEVER travel pregnant and here you are 30 weeks pregnant at 2am with pre term contractions and no prenatal history that they know of. It pisses them off to be honest and it can affect the way you are treated.  I am in no way advocating for sub par treatment based on the absence of prenatal records. I am simply sharing some information from the inside. The reality is having your records makes life easier for all of us. You, your primary provider, and the nurses and providers who will be taking care of you during your out of town prenatal visit. You may think this all sounds a little shitty but its truth. Bottom line, when you travel, take a copy of your records. You will be happy you did.

Third… And this one is all about ME!!! I wonder… Is she gonna be on my flight? Will she go into labor? And will I be able to run to the rescue AND most importantly will I get a free round trip airline ticket as a reward for my inflight midwife skills LOLOL. I know of one midwife who helped birth a baby on a flight from ASIA!! She got a pair of first class round trip tickets. That happened more than 20 years ago. These days  I would probably get a bag of peanuts LOL

Welp… There you have it.
The random thoughts that go through my head when I see a woman  travelling while pregnant.  Did you fly or travel while you were pregnant? Did you tell your midwife? Did you have your prenatal records with you? Tell us about it..